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Bit of a strange question...

Posted by djonma on 2006.06.07 at 19:06
I'm disabled. I have really bad problems with my muscles. They're a complete mess.
I can't do any kind of heavy exercise as I pay for it for weeks afterwards.

Walking is enough pain as it is.

But... I really do need to do something.

Right now I'm looking for ways to strengthen my ankles and wrists as I'm getting a lot of pain in them whenever I put any kind of weight on them.

If anyone can give me nice, gentle exercises that will slowly strengthen them to the point where I can do something a little more strenuous, I'd be really, really grateful!

I've cross-posted this to a few communities, so for some of them, there's really obvious stuff in the above.


berniejackson at 2006-06-08 23:43 (UTC) (Link)

I will ask Sifu Martin Kelly about Qigong exercises for you

djonma, our head instructor ("Sifu") Martin Kelly teaches Qigong exercises that may be helpful for you. Many of them are very gentle and are intended to reinforce good posture and body mechanics, including strengthening the muscles that support and stabilize your body. He also has a degree in an area of sports science (kinesiology, I think). I'll ask him what he recommends for your ankles and wrists.

I won't see Sifu Kelly for a week, because I'm out of town, but I will ask him then, if he hasn't been on line yet in the meantime. Thanks for contributing to our journal!
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djonma at 2006-06-09 07:06 (UTC) (Link)

Re: I will ask Sifu Martin Kelly about Qigong exercises for you

Thank you very much.
I thought that this was a pretty much perfect journal to ask this in; I'm very interested in T'ai Chi and Qigong. I have done a bit of T'ai Chi, but not really taught.
berniejackson at 2006-07-05 08:00 (UTC) (Link)

Exercises recommended for your ankles and wrists

djonma, sorry this took a while. I have been out of town most of June, and it took me a while to connect with our head instructor. The good news is that I now have an answer for you.


From Sifu Martin Kelly of Self Care Arts, Colorado Springs:

Without knowing your health history, I would recommend you check with your medical doctor about this first. If your doctor gives you clearance to exercise, I recommend starting with easy activity, such as the following:

(Note that these exercises can be performed while seated.)

Start with "Active Range of Motion" exercises performed as best you can to increase flexibility, circulation, and strength in your wrists and ankles (as your question was joint-specific). Simply circling your wrists and ankles to exercise them, consistent with your tolerance, might be a good start. With a relaxed body, proceed to contract and relax each set of muscles. Breathe normally as you exercise.

Start with the hands at shoulder height: stretch and contract the fingers like slowly grabbing in the air. This will condition your heart muscle as well as the hands, as the heart muscle will have to pump blood to the extremities. Contract and release until you feel some fatigue.

Then bend your wrists to curl the hands up and down (dorsi flexion and plantar flexion at the wrists). This is the "Karate Kid's" paint-the-fence movement.

You can try similar movements with the toes and ankles. Spread the toes, and grip with the toes, just as you gripped with the fingers. You can rotate and flex the ankles similarly to the wrist exercises.

This would be a conservative start. Let me know if this helps you. Once you've got the physical and it's easy for you, we can add the mental component to make these exercises an internal qigong practice set. Condition every other day, and see how you feel; then the body/vessel will be ready to hold the qi.

Thanks for your question, and good luck to you.
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