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Welcome to Self Care Arts!

Posted by berniejackson on 2006.03.12 at 00:12
Self Care Arts is a kung fu studio in Colorado Springs specializing in principle-based martial arts. Most of our students study a system called Mountain Dragon Martial Arts, founded by our Sifu Martin Kelly. It is a reality-based blend of Wing Chun, Aikido, and Jujitsu. We also have students in the internal arts of Tai Chi, Baguazhang, and Hsing-Yi.

All Self Care Arts classes focus on whole-body principles of motion, for generating efficient power. Even our internal systems such as Tai Chi are taught for effective martial application, not as ornamental forms.

Because this principle-based, whole-body focus is rare in martial arts schools, Self Care Arts has started this journal as a place for students all over the world to discuss and share. This is a moderated journal, meaning your posts will be reviewed before they are accepted on line. We would like to keep this forum respectful and free of spam.

Thanks for your visit!

NOTE: This journal is in "beta." Expect all elements, from layout to the content of moderators' posts, to be in flux while we test various features of Live Journal and determine how best to use it.

Your posts are welcome any time, even during the beta period.

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